Beverly Hills Surgical Hair Restoration

If you have been losing your hair for several years, chances are that you have tried every possible solution short of hair transplant surgery. When hair pieces, special shampoos and creams, prescription medication, and other hair restoration options fail to bring the results you need, it’s time to consider a surgical procedure. Dr. John Kahen, the founder and medical director of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, offers two advanced procedures to help you re-grow your natural hair. Dr. Kahen has successfully treated celebrities and everyday people alike; from movie stars to foreign princes to your uncle, Dr. Kahen brings the same level of expert care and precision to each and every hair transplant surgery he performs.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, Doctor Kahen uses a punch excision approximately one millimeter in diameter to extract hair follicles one at a time. Because patients typically retain hair on the back of their scalp longer than on the top, this is what he uses for a donor area. John Kahen, M.D. then transfers these hair follicles to the balding areas of your scalp. FUE is the treatment of choice for repair of previous hair transplants, for men who want to wear their hair in a buzz cut, and for body hair transplants. It is not an ideal solution to transfer large amounts of hair follicles.

The small circular spots left by the procedure disappear after a couple of days. One of the major benefits of FUE is that is does not leave a linear scar. It also offers rapid healing and fast re-growth of your natural hair. If you have a scar from a previous surgery, speak to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Doctor John Kahen about scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) which can be used to disguise pre-existing scars and help define a new hair line.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Strip Harvesting Method

This surgical hair restoration procedure involves Doctor Kahen removing a small strip of skin from the back of your scalp and then immediately suturing the wound. The process does leave a linear scar, but he takes care to minimize it as much as possible. You will also be able to cover it eventually with your hair. John Kahen, M.D. immediately dissects the scalp tissue into grafts for transfer to the balding areas of your scalp. You receive general anesthesia at the start of the strip harvest.

Benefits of the Strip Harvesting FUT Hair Transplant Technique:

  • The survival rate and subsequent growth of the transplanted hairs is very high
  • New hair growth is the same color and texture as your natural hair
  • Your new hairline is aesthetically pleasing and looks completely natural

Learn More at Your Free Consultation

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Doctor John Kahen offers free initial consultations to anyone who is considering hair transplant surgery. Dr. Kahen conducts these sessions himself to ensure that you receive answers to all of your questions. If it seems like you’re seeing greater evidence of hair loss every day, know that without action it will only get worse.

You deserve to have an attractive and youthful appearance, call today to schedule a FREE consultation and find out if Surgical Hair Restoration is right for you.