Meet John Kahen, M.D.

John Kahen, M.D.
John Kahen, M.D.

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Hair Restoration Doctor John Kahen, M.D. strives to be a leader in excellence in both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures. Each member of our staff, from the experienced technicians who work alongside Dr. Kahen, to our receptionist, is dedicated to providing every person who walks through our doors with the highest standard of care.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Doctor John Kahen has completed hair transplants on numerous Hollywood celebrities in his esteemed career. When it comes to selecting a Hair Transplant Doctor, you can trust the one that movie stars ask for by name.

Background and Experience

As a valued patient at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, you can expect superb service from the time of your first inquiry. We are pleased to offer all men and women struggling with hair loss a free consultation with John Kahen, M.D. As the founder and medical director of the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic, Dr. Kahen brings an extensive background in general surgery and transplant surgery to his work as a Hair Restoration Doctor. These experiences helped shape the professionalism and focus on quality that he uses in all hair restoration procedures. Doctor Kahen has made hair loss prevention and restoration the sole focus of his career since 2007.

John Kahen, M.D. and the skilled technicians of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration employ precise quality control measures throughout every procedure. This includes using the most innovative technology available in the industry of Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration. Our clinic has a reputation in the Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles area for providing the ultimate standard in patient care, as well as the very latest in hair restoration services. Ultimately, it comes down to consistently making the choice to do what is best for each individual patient. We want to see you meet your hair restoration goals just as much as you do.

Proven Results

Not many Hair Restoration Doctors in Beverly Hills can say that they have personally transplanted over 10 million hair follicles, but Dr. Kahen can. It’s hard to argue with that level of success. In addition to amazing and completely natural-looking results, Dr. Kahen has the precision and skill necessary to ensure minimal scarring after a hair transplant procedure. Hair loss patients from all over the world travel to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration to have Dr. Kahen perform a surgical hair restoration procedure that leaves them with a newly formed and natural looking hairline. After surgery, patients can face each day confidently with the assurance that others have no idea they have had a hair transplant.

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, only perfection will do. We believe it is a waste of our patient’s time and our own time unless we are performing at our very best and providing the very best results. Our refined techniques and unprecedented results allow us to outshine the competition. However, you don’t just have to take our word for it. You can see for yourself when you schedule a free consultation with Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Doctor John Kahen. In addition to excellence in technique and patient care, we have earned our reputation as an industry leader by adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Visit Us for World Class Hair Restoration

An aesthetically pleasing and well-designed hairline happens by transferring one follicular graft at a time. This advanced technique enables Doctor Kahen to transplant follicles to the smallest incisions at the recipient sites. The result is a naturally restored hairline and a quick and nearly painless recovery. Beverly Hills Hair Loss Doctor John Kahen and his staff pride themselves on offering world class service. We know that you are seeking a lifelong solution and we look forward to providing it.

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